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HI, Everybody-

This month's blog is brought to you by the letter P. I'm writing from Plantation, Phlorida, where it's a Picture-Perfect-Postcard-Paradise, with a preponderance of professionals in the phields of Pool Service, Pest Control, and Physical Therapy, Pet hospitals and Pharmaceuticals. Practically all the people who preside here are powerful philanthropists of some sort. Parties prevail to preserve and sustain a plethora of worthy causes. (hey…this isn't easy!)

Last weekend Marc and I attended a charity event for Pooches, presented for "Have A Heart", a non-profit canine rescue group in South Florida. Guest musical performers were The Little River Band, and Brian Howe, the former lead singer for Bad Company. Are you snickering, thinking that it was a lame line-up? Let me tell you something. The Little River Band sounded incredible and fresh…."Reminiscing" is still on my "Top 5" list of brilliant songs. And hearing Brian Howe's voice in such an intimate setting, singing those staple rock songs from the 80's, backed by acoustic guitars, was unbeatable….despite the fact that he was sipping tea before the show and telling me that he had come down with a cold.

I'm trying to recover from a respiratory thing that is afflicting a lot of people down here….since before Christmas I've been coughing, and dealing with severe fatigue….I finally went to a doctor and had a chest X-ray; at least it's not pneumonia. I've never loved air-conditioning, and it's hard getting used to it.

I'm excited about working with Maryah (GirlA) on some seminars. She runs a series, "Help for the Healers", that offers continuing education credits to certified massage therapists, but we want to expand the target audience to include anyone interested in learning more about healing using the modalities of sound, light, and touch. I've been reading (don't laugh) "Kabbalah for Dummies", in order to help me understand a wonderful book on the energy of Hebrew letters….one of the teachings that keeps coming up again and again is the need for light, to discover the life-spark in our work, to repair the world. There are so many things that need repairing. But every little bit helps. One of my favorite quotes: "The spark never considers the size of the woodpile".

It's been a busy start to the New Year…I'm happy to report that "Separated by Words" is now available on CD Baby and a number of other sites, thanks to the perseverance of my productive and proficient designer, Christina Canzoneri. If you do check it out, could I ask you to please review it? Thanks!

I'm sending you all my sincerest wish that your new year has started well and with good energy.

Until Next Timex0x0

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