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Hi, Everybody-

As always, my blog-inspiration was hiding from me this month. Why? I enjoy writing! I love reaching out to others and sharing ideas, reflections, links….I've been in a sort of quiet, introspective mood these days-winter always does that to me! Even here, in the Sunshine State, I am in my interior cave of consciousness, thinking about all the things that are happening in the world. Doesn't it seem that recent events, both domestic and international, are becoming increasingly epic & monstrous? This has somehow given the media license to create ULTRA-MEGA-DRAMAS out of those events that wouldn't have made a paragraph on page 25 of even the scummiest rag, a decade ago.

Do I personally care that Lance Armstrong lied about his career?
Or that some prankster-geek created a cyber-girlfriend who "died" of leukemia and instigated a costly and frivolous media frenzy to expose the truth? No, I don't care. In fact, I was too embarrassed to watch Oprah Winfrey's interview with Lance. And too uninterested to want to know the details of the Mani Te'o fiasco. That's the word that comes to mind: Fiasco. Now it seems like every stupid thing a celebrity does takes on the same significance as the first man on the moon. Now we have all kinds of important people like OPRAH WINFREY & DR. PHIL, trying to find out THE TRUTH, and all kinds of new and troubling things to worry about, like "CATFISHING". (In this case, being named "Anne Smith" is a wondrous blessing. Nobody can steal my identity…there are far too many of us out there already!) Let's make it easy and use just one word that covers this entire decade of "news" and "social media" : BULLSHITTING. How about trying to help a real person who is struggling to survive leukemia or helping a Joe-Average Cyclist by sponsoring him/her in an event?

It's so hard not to be polarized these days. Not to have an opinion, not to take a side. We are living an era that is extreme; issues that are confronting us as individuals, as a nation, and as a global network, a human race, are charged with emotion. Speaking for myself, I know that when I read about the protests in Egypt as a result of the recent trials from the soccer riot of 2011, I become enraged. When I read about the gang rape of a woman riding on a bus in India, I feel helpless and drained, thinking about a cycle of violence and retribution that seems endless. I don't want to feel that way, but I'm not being rational, I'm emotional and judging. Interesting, but one definition of "polarize" is to : "restrict vibration of light: to cause light to vibrate within particular planes, or vibrate in this way".

I'm going to try harder to reserve my judgement, in honor of my own light frequency. I may have to tune out the "news" more and more. I may have to make choices to help only those I can, in a real way that makes a difference that I can believe in. I can't help the woman in India but I can honor her soul by reaching out to victims in crisis here. I can pursue my passion of writing and performing-music heals us when words aren't enough.

An old friend of my family, Janet Bachelet, recently remarked, "I'm not anti-social, I'm pro-solitude". Isn't that awesome? There are times when we need to go within, to be in solitude, to recharge our light. Maybe after all the social gatherings and celebrations and networking during the holidays, it's not a bad idea to withdraw for awhile. Wherever you are, don't be afraid to be in solitude for a time; reflect, pray, mediate, listen to some beautiful music, take a walk in nature, sit alone in a cafe, observing without speaking or judging. Do you know, LISTEN and SILENT use the same letters?

I was listening to a Sirius radio station in the car recently and heard a piece of piano music written by Amy Beach (1867-1944), the first successful female composer of large-scale art music. The composition "Hermit Thrush at Morn" was inspired by the actual bird-song of a Hermit Thrush. It's a magical and truly inspired piece!

If you need a moment of solitude, google-search a recording of the bird, then listen to this wonderful young pianist play Beach's composition on YouTube:

I hope you love it as much as I did…I'm leaving you with a wonderful quote by W.H. Auden: "Music and sudden light have interrupted our routine today and swept the filth of habit from our hearts. O here and now, our endless journey starts. "

Until Next Time….xoxoAnnie

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