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Hi, Everybody!

Whew! I'm just squeaking in under the wire, here…last blog for 2012. Lots has been going on here. Marc and I have moved for the second time in a year, which has made for some stressful moments.
Packing, then unpacking, reorienting myself to different routes and marketplaces, wondering if I'll find the Christmas ornaments before Christmas comes….needing to rehearse music for upcoming events, (where did I pack the music folder? ); needing to plan rehearsals for projects after the holiday season…wanting to do all the special holiday things that I enjoy, but somehow not being able to get organized enough to carry them through….no homemade cookies or cards this year. Just found out one of the brake lights is out on my car…Do I cancel a much needed chiropractic session to go to a mechanic, or try to find a bulb myself somewhere? Like everyone, I have become caught up in the mad rush. I feel pressured, and I'm doing it to myself. I can't prioritize. What is happening?

Father Time is speeding, speeding, dragging us unwillingly along by the hand, an hourglass tucked under his arm, as the precious grains of 2012 empty out. His white beard is flowing, his robe tangling around our feet as we run in a daze. We don't know how to stop. Until we are stopped in our tracks by a tragedy so colossal as to warp our perception of time. Father Time bows his head and so does the world. We are breathing so hard. Our hearts are pounding. Have we run so far that we don't know where we are? Are we still on this planet? We look to each other for answers. We want to know why. Why we, as adults, cannot protect our children from cruel and random acts; why our children cannot remain innocent and safe from harm in an institute of learning which is situated in the heart of our democracy, "The Constitution State". We want to blame it on something that is not "us". It can't be explained on those terms. "Us" is a part and parcel of everything we see, smell, touch, taste, create, hear, buy, say, think, feel, dream, own, disown, drive, use, abuse, or kill.

We cannot separate ourselves from the collective unconscious, the living bundle of energy that is mankind. Yet, in order to restore the light and love which is leaking from mankind at an alarming rate, it is up to the individual to examine his/her own system for faulty connections. This reminds me of the analogy of a faulty Christmas light; if one of them burns out, then the whole string of lights fails to shine. We need to be light-bringers. We need to notice who is burning out, and see what it takes to keep that light shining, otherwise, we all are plunged into darkness.

Joey Callahan is a resident of Plantation. Florida who knows all about Christmas lights. His story is incredible. In 2006, after seeing a light exhibit in Orlando's Hollywood Studios, he decided that he wanted to create his own exhibit. At that point in time, Joey had "never even turned on a computer before in his life". Yet, he persisted. His first exhibit in 2007 was small, with two controllers and sixteen channels. This year, Joey is working with 84 controllers and a total of 1,344 channels! I walked from my house to the exhibit, which is stunning and joyful. I met Joey, a quiet and modest gentleman who gave me more statistics. There is an 18 ft RGB tree which also contains 1800 additional channels independently. There are over 30 miles of extension cords, and about 750,000 LED lights. The display took 5 weeks to assemble and over 150 hours of added programming for the lights. It takes up 3 houses and lawns on the street. The lights are timed with a fantastic soundtrack which features the music of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. A police officer is stationed at the beginning of the street to direct foot traffic and vehicles in the area. Joey and his assistants are on the site to troubleshoot technical difficulties, should they arise. He has dedicated this display to his parents, both deceased, who loved the Christmas season and decorating for the holidays. In his own quiet way, he has brought light and love to the countless number of people who have visited his displays over the years. He only asks visitors to contribute what they can to the "Make a Wish" donation boxes set up throughout the exhibit.

I'm humbled and inspired to think what it took to learn how to program something like this:

I love you all…..May you be safe, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you live your lives with meaning…….

Until Next Time x0x0

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