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Hi, Everybody-

Greetings from Florida! It's been a sluggish merge into the “scene” for me. Most of my networking has been done online as I seek to promote my CD, Separated by Words. I've discovered some great musicians through CD Baby-if you have not heard or seen Christopher Duffley, you must check out his music and YouTube clips, especially his performance in front of a NH Teamsters Union-be warned: you will cry! It's not just the sound of his voice, but his circumstances….truly inspiring….

ASCAP & CDBaby have been keeping me busy reading articles; as a musician who grew up during the hey day of rock and roll bands and live tours, in the face of massive changes to the music industry, it's tricky for me to get my bearings and intuit the best route to take. In every day and age there have been and will be many charlatans on hand to take advantage of the uninitiated; but there is just too much damned information to take in! In the end, the safest bet for me is to keep it simple, honest, and straightforward. I favor the perspective of a storyteller when writing songs; years ago a business man from California heard me sing in NY and told me that my style reminded him of Lucy Kaplansky. At the time, I checked out her music and agreed that we had a common essence in our approach to writing and performing. Ironically, when I processed the forms to submit my music to CD Baby, the genres I selected resulted in the site comparing me to Lucy Kaplansky! That is what I call a synchronous happening.

It's hard to exist alongside The Voice, American Idol, Glee,& Smash....and still keep your sense of originality and style; and not be affected by JUDGES. Personally, I think that while such programs may be entertaining, on some level, they actually inhibit one from exploring one's own natural & unique vocal style of expression. As some of us know, it's not all about flawlessly aping a Whitney Houston hit while looking hot at the same time...but it's about that elusive quality of sound, combined with personality and circumstance...some call it luck, but I believe that there is no such thing as luck. Luck is what happens when you choose to create YOU from what you have been born with. Whether you are an aspiring musician, artist, dancer, chef, athlete, model, writer, designer, model, scientist, teacher …know who you are, and develop your SELF. I don't often watch reality TV, but found myself watching "Celebrity Apprentice" last week, and was predictably disgusted by the posturing and judgmental attitude of those involved. However, the one unique person (in my eyes) who stood apart from the others was Cheryl Tiegs, who was "kicked off" the show, and stated afterward, "I don't think the environment was right for me, and I'm as smart as any of the women here-but I think that there was a toughness that they had that I don't have, and don't ever want to have." -an honest and straightforward response from a successful woman who knows who she is. I know that I write lyrics that are more complex than the average listener cares to interpret. But I love the craft and challenge of rhyming, storytelling, and hooking it all together in under 4 minutes! And singing it myself, and playing piano the way I play it, even though I'm not a great pianist.

These are just a few thoughts I'm belatedly sharing with you this month.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm getting the urge to write a new hit song that everyone will understand without having to listen to it much. My cell is already blowing up with interested agents who rep MAJOR artists that are bidding as I write, for a chance to record this. I just sent them a 10 second sample and already, they're freaking out. I'm going to be so rich.
Anyway, my song is called “FUN is FUN”. Ready? 1-2-3

“We're gonna have fun-fun-fun-fun-fun! And it's gonna be fun-fun-fun-fun-fun! We're gonna dance-dance-dance-dance dance! It's gonna be fun-fun-fun-fun-fun! Then we're gonna have sex-sex-sex-sex-sex! And it's gonna be fun-fun-fun-fun-fun! 'Cause FUN is FUN FUN is FUN Fun is Fun

(Don't judge it yet, it's not finished).

Until Next Time xoxoxo Annie

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