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Hi, Everybody-

February is off to a wild start. Marc and I went on a 3 day cruise with 13 friends, 2/1-2/4. True confession: I've never been on a cruise before! I have had a "Green Eggs and Ham" attitude, all these years, that I wouldn't like it, without even trying it…I would not, could not, with a fox, in a box, here or there, or anywhere…I would not like to cruise on ships…no more cruises, read my lips!"

But guess what? I had fun! I doubt that I will become a cruise-a-holic, but it's nice to know that if I have a chance to go again, I will look forward to it!

On Feb. 5th, Luke had major surgery to repair both ACL ligaments in his back legs. If we didn't choose to have the operation, Luke would experience daily pain, worsening as he aged, resulting in crippling arthritis in a few years. He is only 3 now.
The surgeon advised us to have both done at once, to avoid 2 separate recovery periods and putting Luke under anesthesia twice. "Also", he added, "in all honesty, it's less expensive for you." So both legs were operated on. Holes are drilled into the dog's knee, and a wire replaces the ligament, held in place with a little metal plate and screws. We weren't prepared for what this meant. Poor Luke: bruised, stitched up, fur shaved, unable to walk for the first 48 hours…and having terrible tremors all night from the anesthesia/morphine that was administered for the surgery. It is a good thing he won't have to go through this again. I've slept on the floor with him for the last 2 nights. I'm happy to report today, day 3, that Luke is walking around on his own, eating, and barking at FedEx, as usual! Today he slept by my piano bench as I practiced. I really believe that music makes him feel better!

I'm reading a fantastic book "From Light to Sound: the Spiritual Progression" by Dennis Holtje. The book explores the topic of energy and vibration, in particular, the powerfully transformative properties of sound. I've been experimenting with tones in my own range-with a method that is not musical, but is making me a better singer, more authentic. It feels good to be real. Singing and writing puts me in touch with that-sometimes I find myself slipping into a role-as we all do, and I'm finding that it's a good idea to spend some time toning, to center myself. I encounter many people, especially girls and women, whose voices sound over-pitched or tight, suppressed, and whispery. If they truly knew how powerful they would feel to find their own voice and use it, they would never want to whisper again! I'm not talking about yelling, or releasing anger, I'm talking about finding resonance, tone…a vibration that is unique for each voice. What can I say? I'm being like Sam-I-Am "Try it, try it, you will see!"

Well, Valentine's Day is around the corner…I got out a few of my hearts…took them off the sleeves of some old shirts that were packed away….my favorite one is the pink Groucho-Marx Valentine, made for me by my piano student, Julian, who is 5 years old and one of the most engaging souls I have ever met! He gifts me every week with a piece of art, some original, some assembled from craft activities at school. He asked me this week, "Miss Annie, did you ever go digging for Fool's Gold?" He has a piece of pyrite in his room that he loves. I answered, "No, I never did, but I think it would be fun." Julian's face lit up: "Hey, when we grow up, I can call you and we can go to the mountains and look for gold, and crystals and rocks!" Unexpectedly, I felt my eyes fill. "When we grow up". How pure a child's energy is. I softly asked him, "What will we do with all of the gold and crystals? Sell it?" Julian's eyes were sparkling, luminous, "No, we will keep it and look at it because it's shiny! Won't that be fun?" Yes, My Funny Valentine….you make me smile with my heart…..a great song, and a great way to end my blog. Thank you, Julian.

Until Next Timex0x0

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