Anne Smith :: Blog for May 2014


Hello, Everybody-

I miss you!

I'm thoroughly enjoying the part time job I started in September, assisting a Neurodevelopmental Audiologist.

The work is intellectually challenging, and also draws on my years of experience working with babies and children. As much as I have always appreciated the complexity of the human brain and its capacity to heal, learn, imagine,and store information, working at The Brainchild Institute has deepened my curiosity and taken my education and music training to another level. I recently looked back on my previous blogs and was reminded of the fact that many of them are about light. Light and sound. Isn't it simply amazing that I am working for an audiologist whose name is Dr. Light? Things are coming together! I've also started directing a choir, which has demanded recall of my skills that are a bit rusty, but I'm finding it to be worthwhile and fulfilling. I will meditate on all this as I remove rust from the wrought iron railing on our upstairs balcony, and give it a new coat of paint. Metaphors and opportunities to apply them in a literal sense are satisfying.

I feel as if I have been in a cocoon for the past four months. Maybe this is what happens when one undertakes a completely new project or career path; Maybe this is what the process of transformation feels like: groggy but intense. Hopefully, my inner butterfly emerges one day soon. Also, like many of my close friends and relatives, I have been sheltering my senses and my heart from the utter chaos and despair that seems to be affecting large portions of the world's population. A lot of violence out there, a lot of assumption, a lot of judgement and fear. My ears are too stuffed with other people's concerns and I can't hear my own voice anymore. I crave the sound of my own breathing. I do hope that all of you are staying strong and keeping the faith.

This Memorial Day weekend I've promised myself some down time to read. I'm in the middle of a great book by Joshua Leeds, The Power of Sound, which is a broad application of concepts from the field known as psychoacoustics. I'm on my second reading of The Conscious Ear,(My Life of Transformation Through Listening) by Alfred Tomatis, a pioneer in psychoacoustics. Did you know: if we used the same terminology for units of perception, that a human ear can perceive sounds in a range of 10 octaves, but the eyes (comparatively speaking) perceive only a corresponding range of 1 "octave"? Yet, most of us are visual learners and feel a sense of panic if we are deprived of our sight. Tomatis maintained that the ear is a "battery" that charges the brain with energy, and that sound is actually a nutrient for the central nervous system. Love it!

Marc and I recently attended a Cher concert and we were stunned at the sheer loudness of the music.

I regretted not taking steps to protect my hearing. I certainly will, going forward. It was one of those things we sort of wanted to go to, if only to say that we had seen her 20th Final Tour. snicker. Cyndi Lauper opened, and truth be told, she was great…very real, especially her rendition of "At Last", a very bare-bones arrangement with piano/voice.

Time seems to be passing by more quickly than ever. I will be in NYC for a training conference early next month, and I hope to catch up with some of you! Be good to your selves, make time to hear your own breathing, the sound of the breeze, children's voices, the songs of the birds.. yes, even in New York, you can hear these things, you just have to use more filters! Cherish the rare moments of silence, cultivate those moments in your classes, your homes, your consciousness.

Until Next TIme-x0x0x


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