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Hello, Everybody-

It's getting hot here in South Florida! The locals tell us that your first summer here is the worst, then you get used to it. I'm not so uncomfortable in the heat, but in the cold drafts of air conditioning and ceiling fans…and in transitioning between hot exteriors and freezing cold interiors. I find myself bringing a sweater everywhere, taking it on and off, on and off. If I were ever to have a hot flash, I'd never know if it was the real deal!

Last weekend I attended a Holographic Sound seminar in Lady Lake, near the Orlando area. Led by Paul Hubbert, Ph.D, the 3 day program explored the use of sound to rebalance energy in the body. The presentation included information on what is known in modern terms as "the flower of life", a series of overlapping circles that are arranged to form a flower-like pattern with a sixfold symmetry, similar to a hexagon. Considered by some to be a symbol of Sacred Geometry, this flower of life hologram is said to contain ancient, spiritual values depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. That weekend, as I experienced the intensely focused meditation sessions and sounds produced by crystal bowls, I found myself in the middle of the debate between hard science and metaphysical realms. Having nearly failed High School Geometry, just seeing the word "geometry" in any subject, sacred or not, gives me hives. I associate Geometry with the unruly beard and fierce eyes of my High School Math teacher, who stole my flame of passion for learning; maybe you've seen him lately, chained to a rock, being tortured by an eagle? Well, all I can say is, it's not Geometry's fault and maybe it deserves another chance. I'm officially starting, as of today, to delve back into the realms of time, multi-dimensional space, form, energy and Sacred Geometry!

But first, let's talk about something frivolous and one-dimensional, like Joan Rivers' latest rant, "I Hate Everyone….Starting With Me." I happened to catch her in a televised interview, promoting her book and defending her right to hate ugly babies and call Angelina Jolie a slut. Here's what I think about Joan Rivers' one-dimensional work:

One dimensional, as an adjective can mean: "apparent, casual, cosmetic, cursory, depthless, desultory, empty, evident, exterior, external, flash, flimsy, general, glib, half-baked, hasty, hurried, ignorant, inattentive, lightweight, nodding, on the surface, ostensible, outward, partial, passing, perfunctory, peripheral, quick-fix, seeming, shallow, shoal, silly, sketchy, skin-deep, slapdash, slight, smattery, summary, surface, tip of the iceberg, trivial, and warped"…..and that's just what I think of her book title!

One-dimensional as it relates to geometry: "of or in or along or relating to a line; involving a single dimension; a linear measurement". I think Old Joan has had a lifetime of delivering one-liners involving a single dimension. In geometric terms, I would label her lines as "Scared Geometry", executed from a single mean point of fear and extended to finite targets. I say "finite" because her writing will not live on after Joan croaks. While one might argue that Joan Rivers' face certainly could stop a clock, don't think that time is standing still for her. And while future generations will continue to be inspired by the works of Socrates, Shakespeare, or Eckhart Tolle, Joan Rivers will have hopefully been reincarnated by then as Angelina Jolie.

Until Next Time- be cool. xoxo

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