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Hi, Everybody!

We're well into summer here in South Florida. It's not so bad-especially knowing that NYC is also under a heat wave. We had an uneventful July 4th here-by choice. I wasn't into the car ride to see a fireworks display, having been spoiled for so many years by friends with private rooftops which afforded amazing views on July 4th, both in Boston and in New York City.

Girls A & B turned 50 years old on June 24th. Stunning. Really. As though it happened to someone else, not to me. (Is that what you call denial?)

Still, the date carries significance, and I find myself feeling a sense of urgency to complete projects that I have started, and not to waste time. Also, I found myself really thinking about my twin, Maryah, and the incredible journey we've shared so far.

Maryah drove to my house to celebrate for the weekend. I had just been bitten on the top of my right foot by an infamous Florida Fire Ant. Let me tell you, they are nothing to joke about. I never felt the initial bite, but some hours later, had a huge bubble-blister that burned and itched like crazy. Nothing relieved it, and it was situated just in the right place where a sandal strap or shoe would rub on it. I had scheduled a twin pedicure for us on Sunday morning, and the idea of anyone scrubbing a little hard brush over my toes made me sweat, but we decided that we'd go anyway, and beg the aesthetician to be super careful. My salon has two sweet Vietnamese sisters working there, Tran and Tam. Tam was familiar with fire ants, and promised to be super careful. When they learned I'm a twin, they shared some fascinating Vietnamese lore with us that made our 50th birthday an unforgettable one.

As it turns out, when twins are born in Vietnam, the first-born is not considered the older one! The older, stronger twin is the one who remains behind, having decided that the younger, weaker twin must go first. In our case, Maryah was born first, and was underweight and frail; she was incubated for a few days after our birth. I was over a pound heavier, and a "breech", sliding to home base 3 minutes after Maryah. Tran officially proclaimed me "Older Twin". After 50 years of being known as "older", Maryah, now regarded as younger, was gloating. Our roles had been reversed in the blink of an eye. More news from Tam: "Older twin have special power." We leaned forward, expectantly. Maybe this power would make it worth being older. My aesthetician continued, "you can save anyone who is choking on fish bone."

Maryah The Younger shot me a mean little smirk, and I must have looked dubious, as Tran insisted, scowling, "No, it's true. If woman, stroke throat 9 time. If man, stroke throat 7 time." Of course, being the information junkies that we are, my sister and I tried to validate this online when we got home, but of course, turned up nothing. Lore is lore for a reason.

Marc had made reservations at a beautiful Greek restaurant that evening for dinner, and Maryah gleefully speculated: "Annie, suppose someone starts choking on a fishbone tonight. You can vault over the tables and say, "Move back! Don't anyone call 911! I am Older Twin With Special Power". Thank God my newly acquired ability wasn't called into question that night.

I'm still creating Pod-Art…and being captivated by the beauty of the flowering trees and plants here, and the incredible variety of clouds, birds, reptiles, and, yes, insects. Even those little red frigging fire ants-so very tiny but so venomous! Kind of like Joan Rivers.

I'm still looking for the right gig. I've had enough experience to know that it's worth waiting for the right one, so I will be patient, lest I find myself in a corporate chain of restaurants playing piano-bar stuff to a largely indifferent and noisy crowd. Believe me, that's just as bad as not being able to perform at all.

Jazz is alive here, if you dig a little. Marc and I recently attended a 2 hour set at The Bass Museum of Art in Miami, featuring The Jason Hainsworth Quartet. Fantastic! And it was a pleasure to be in a beautifully painted, art-deco performance space, with tables and chairs comfortably placed. I'm really disappointed to have missed guitarist Eric Johnson's show in Ft. Lauderdale. Being in Florida means planning more carefully. It's not like one can just say, "Oops! Gotta grab the subway or cab, I'm going to be late!" Or, "oh, well, I missed Eric Johnson, I'll just cross the street and find something equally as amazing."

I'm reading "You Forever" by T. Lobsang Rampa, a controversial writer who explored metaphysical/spiritual themes-in this book, his focus is on color and emotion. I'm very interested in creating lessons for children that incorporate light, color, and sound, in a non-traditional way. Isn't "You Forever" a beautiful title? Two simple words combined in such a powerful, ageless way. Even if you never read this book, contemplate on the title alone, and you will feel empowered.

The mundane tasks of vacuuming and emptying the dishwasher are prompting me to close this blog. Luke needs to be walked; we started feeding him a raw diet, and although it's much more involved than dumping a bunch of dry, hard pebbles into a dish, it is worth every second of the work. Snipping up fresh beef hearts with a pair of kitchen shears is quite an experience. If you want to read about it, "Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats", by Kymythy Schultze, is a great place to start. It gives you menus, portions, and lots of reassurance. Luke highly recommends it as well!

Sending all of you my best, most you-forever-thoughts!
Until Next Time x0x0x

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