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Hello, Everybody!

Hope you all had a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend. I'm busy rehearsing for a 2 hour solo performance on October 12th at a private event. I'm excited about presenting a new composition, "End of the Line", sent to me by two composers in Arizona, Dean Kaner and David Hearn, who are hoping to get their songs heard by diverse audiences. That's the beauty of the internet, when someone you've never met contacts you and says they've discovered your website and would like to send you some music…and of course, having a website designer who patiently builds your internet presence, link by link, is so important. Thanks, Christina Canzoneri, at Column Web Graphics in Huntington Station, NY, for your continued work! Also thanks to Sal, her husband, for tweaking and troubleshooting!
I was in NYC very briefly for my friend Donna's birthday on August 18th. We celebrated it at The Sugar Bar on West 72nd Street, along with her husband George, our friend Waundell, and Jennifer Stachel, a fantastic young orthodontist whom Donna and I met earlier in the day when we were having pedicures. If you or your child needs an orthodontist, please look her up.
I was also blessed to spend time with my family in upstate NY-my dad is so into his garden! It's something to see. Being there, and seeing my parents,brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, made me realize how much they are in my heart, along with the rolling hills, farms, mountains, streams, cool air and maple trees!

I'm not going to get too far into my political views here, however, after watching all of the RNC and DNC, I have to agree with Brit Hume, the Republican political commentator for FoxNews. Hume referred to the "Destitution Derby" taking place between Reps and Dems, whereby both parties compete for who had the saddest and most deprived childhood. It's laughable, at this point.
Ann Romney wants us to know that she and Mitt used an ironing board as their first dining room table. BOO-HOO! Michelle Obama reveals that Barack pulled a coffee table out of a dumpster, and wore dress shoes one size too small. HEARTBREAKING! and everyone's parents suffered more than anyone else's, if you are to believe Marco Rubio, the Cuban-American keynote speaker at the RNC and Julian Castro, the Mexican-American keynote speaker for the DNC. Rubio: "my father served drinks in the back of the room so I could stand in the front at this podium". Oh, yeah? Well…Castro: "my mother held a mop so I could hold a microphone." What's next? "My father had to shoot the family dog so we could put food on the table"? Too bad Frank McCourt isn't alive: if having a destitute childhood is a mandatory requirement for running for President of the United States, he's got us all beat, hands down. Okay, okay, I'm almost done; I don't often give in to a rant…But how about Clint Eastwood? Was he auditioning for James Stewart's beloved role of Elwood P. Dowd, the social misfit who had an invisible friend, the 6-foot rabbit named Harvey? No kidding, I was expecting a nurse with a syringe to come out on the stage at the RNC and gently lead him away.
Meanwhile, life goes on….the ants go marching one by one….those little tiny microscopic %****&s, swarming around the bathroom faucets and countertops by the hundreds. A consultation with our morning coffee group of locals resulted in a run to Home Depot for Terro Traps, little squares of cardboard with Borax gel…let's see if it works. I've never seen such a variety of insects as here in South Florida. In the ant classification alone there are Fire ants, Argentine ants, Ghost ants, Cornfield ants, Pavement ants, Acrobat ants, White-footed ants, Little Black ants, Odorous House ants, Crazy ants (don't we all know a crazy Aunt?), Big-Headed ants, and Sweet-Eating ants. Who knows, there may just be a Joan-Rivers Flesh-Eating ant as well. I don't know what kind of ants I have in my bathroom. Hopefully dead ones, by now. Exterminators make a great living down here, that is fo'sho!
Of the five little ducklings we were feeding, only two survived, a brother and a sister. Originally there were nine-but I think these two are out of the woods-their feathers have grown in; I'm still waiting to see them fly, but their present size ensures that they can't be easily picked up, or picked off, by common predators in the environment. It's sweet, how they stick together. Yesterday they came to visit me, coming boldly into the open garage,shoulder to shoulder, peeping at me for food. Their feet make a soft, slapping sound on the cement as they follow me out to a secluded hedge (my neighbors and I call it "the cafeteria"), for some fresh water and grape-nut cereal.
I can't believe that our lease in this home is almost up! By November's end, we will have moved out. I don't want to think about how much I will miss it, I will just enjoy the little time we have left here, ants and all! I'm looking forward to seeing my twin sister Maryah this weekend, and Paulette Dozier's performance at The Arts Garage in Delray Beach.
Today I think of you, my friends, who have encouraged & inspired me over the years, who have helped me along in my musical endeavors, whether spiritually, musically or financially. I have so much to be grateful for, and so much to look forward to. I'm finishing this blog on the morning of September 11, a date we all remember so well. I'm feeling the fragility of life, but also the beauty and poignancy of moments. Taking time to be in those moments is all we can do; put brackets around those moments, feel them deeply, and protect them from stress and intrusion-they are sacred!

Sending you love and light….
Until Next Time-

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