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Hello, Everybody!

Sometimes my head gets too full and my brain has to shrink away from all the "information" that is out there! You know me, how much I love words, reading, language, expression….there aren't enough hours in a day to read all of the things I want to read. What has been missing in my life lately is the time to digest and reflect on what I read. Just as we have become inured to buzzwords and "soundbites", we are also becoming accustomed to what could be referred to as "eye-bites". I imagine my eyes rapidly scanning and gobbling up pages and pages of material, as I keep up with all the latest news, weather and sports, diced into tweets and twitters for more efficient processing. It appears that the concept of downsizing has reduced our right and our privilege to luxuriate in the distinctly human attribute of thinking.

The problem is, tearing off bites is no way to digest and process all of this food for thought; and, honestly, sometimes it's not even worth trying to decipher and think about. For example, take this following mission statement, cut and pasted from a website I found when I mistakenly typed "Pandera" instead of "Pandora" during a recent online search.

"Pandera is a global provider and singular source of expertise in the science and art of decision automation solutions and information delivery technologies. Pandera offers clients and their business partners a simple and repeatable method of automating and validating mission critical business decisions.

Pandera’s primary mission is to help organizations in the development of tools to manage and operate complex business units and functions, respond appropriately to challenging exceptions, and situational changes in real time with discrete role relevant analytical applications. Our solution advisors and delivery teams provide use of unmatched technology innovation and visualization technics in conjunction with proprietary industry decision frameworks to ensure knowledge workers make choices and take action in the best interests of their organization.

The goal of each client engagement is to architect a decision framework to gain competitive advantage, streamline operations, and create continuity by integrating customers, partners, and business users on a common platform for information delivery. For more about Pandera, visit us at or".

W-T-F were these people smoking when they wrote this? A Thesaurus? And what is it that they actually do? This is what happens when soundbites are strung together to make sentences, or typed into a Google Translate page: a soundbite buffet.

I know I shouldn't spend another second wrapping my brain around Pandera's literary skills, but how are we supposed to get along in this world when our collective expression is preempted by phrases like "respond appropriately to challenging exceptions, and situational changes in real time with discrete role relevant analytical applications." ?

According to Deitrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, at "Heal the Brain Conference", February 2009, human intelligence peaked in 1998 and has been decreasing ever since. This worries me. All I can do is fight back by making time to read beautiful poetry, prose, essays and material that is inspirational to me, and to live in the truth that is found in my search for meaning.

I wish for all of you the ways and means to find that time and space that is yours; to reflect, to grow, and to find meaning in.

Until Next Time-xoxo

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